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What is Web Wireframing ?

A web wireframe is a blueprint of the screen of your web pages to aid website designing. An attractive website is an origin to get your business up and running.Web wireframes are a preview to the website in black and white detailing the placement of pages, elements, different site features, headings, navigation panels, etc.

Need to opt for Web Wireframing ?

Web wireframing helps you to discuss with your website developer and designer the structure of the website. Web wireframing also enables you to visualize the look of your website during the design process. Web wireframes display the architecture of your site and help to align different stakeholders involved in designing the site. It allows that your website is well designed to meet the business goals.

Why choose us ?

Our expertise in assisting businesses globally for their web wireframes makes us the most preferred choice for businesses. We have professional web designers and developers who work in alignment with your business goals before designing the wireframe for your website. We believe that businesses should understand the different website features and should be comfortable using them. Our team ensures that the web wireframes clearly communicate the need for these web features, how they will function, and how they will be beneficial for your website.

Our Approach

At MK Consulting, we follow “Understand, Design, Adopt and, Develop & Deliver” to create your web wireframes. We call it the UDADD approach. We ensure understanding your business objective when beginning the wireframe design. Once the design is complete, we customize it based on your inputs, before we deliver the final web wireframe

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