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Academic Counselling Service

In the conditions of the modern educational process, the traditional form of aiding students becomes ineffective, therefore, another thoughtful organization of targeted assistance is needed. Academic counseling of research scholars is such a form in the context of the transition to a non-linear educational process. It is the academic consultant who helps students solve academic problems in the learning process and build a route for their professional development, that is, get the maximum result from studying at the university, which becomes especially important in connection with the increasingly complex curriculum and the current situation on the labor market. Consequently, the study of such a phenomenon for education as academic consulting is becoming extremely relevant.

What do we do?

MKConsulting Academic Counselling service to help research scholars cope with personal, social, scientific, and professional challenges. Counseling includes listening, supporting, and assisting the research scholar in identifying and identifying their resources to use them to achieve personal goals.

MKConsulting’s Academic Counselling Service does not make decisions for PhD candidates or impose opinions on them. We work closely with the administration and teachers, as well as other practicing professionals to meet the needs of the students. Students who require closer monitoring may be assigned a mentor who will liaise with educators.

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Affordable counseling for your research

  • Inform about all the recent updates on the research area.
  • Guides you with efficient writing tips for PhD Thesis or Journal Manuscript.
  • Helps you with the selection of the PhD topic.
  • Provides statistical guidance on recent tools and techniques.
  • Aids in the stage of collection of data with a suitable methodology.
  • Counsels in the data analysis stage.

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