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Mk Consulting

MK Consulting was established with the vision to foster web growth for businesses across the globe. We are a team of working professionals composed of technical experts from different sectors. We decided to start MK Consulting to provide solutions to businesses working amidst the challenges offered by technological changes.

Our management has over two decades of expertise in web services, technology space, and development. They have delivered solutions to businesses across the globe. MK Consulting has a strong foundation as a result of a pool of knowledge from management, employees, and our partners.

Our Vision

Securing trust by delivering the right solution, is our vision which drives us.

We work to be the most trusted business partner for businesses, especially for web services, secondary research, technology adoption & integration, and content creation. Our vision focuses on trust, which we aim at securing by the quality of work that we deliver to our clients. We get excited to work every day because we strive to satisfy our clients by offering customized solutions.
To us, our vision means everything, and client satisfaction is the way to achieve it

Values that drive us

To work in alignment with our vision and to achieve it, we have defined our core values as mentioned below:

  • Work is a team effort

    Work is a team effort to us means that the credit of a job well done is always a shared effort. Rewards are equally distributed.

  • Ethics and Energy in work

    Ethics and Energy in work are integral. We know that these qualities practiced together result in the best quality of work delivery.

  • Respect for all

    Respect for all no matter who we are, from where we come, we are all equal. When we respect each other as a team, we work together with our differences and learn to find the best possible solution.

  • Open Communication

    Open Communication while working with each other or with our clients.

  • Taking responsibility

    Taking responsibility for the work that we are doing and delivering

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