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Thesis Editing Service

Writing a PhD thesis is a complex and lengthy process that requires a full concentration of effort and attention from a scientist. For a successful defense, it is not enough for an applicant to conduct scientific research and experiments. It is necessary to present the results in the form of a logically completed, competent, and unique thesis work, there are norms. Delivery of the finished text includes the elimination of stylistic and spelling errors, self-editing, verification of uniqueness, and compliance with regulations.

What do we do?

For many years, our consulting center has been engaged in the professional execution of statistics on order. Our team employs the specialists who provide high-quality services in the different domains and particularly in the statistics field. Writing a thesis in statistics is a very peculiar, interesting, but at the same time difficult job.

Research should help solve problems. If this does not happen, then something is wrong. Therefore, you should always keep in mind the hypotheses, scientific questions, assumptions, and intentions. MKConsulting makes sure you keep in mind all the necessary data.

Our Approach

Thesis proofreading

A complex scientific text using specific terminology requires correction by an experienced professional who will eliminate grammatical, punctuation, and syntax errors. Thanks to proofreading, the text will become readable, typos and inaccuracies will be eliminated, main and secondary thoughts are highlighted.

Thesis editing is a creative process

A well-done work does not affect the content of the author's text, retains a unique writing style, but eliminates stylistic errors. The editor considers the logic of the presentation and makes the necessary corrections in case of incorrect use of common terms.

Checking the thesis for plagiarism

When writing a scientific and qualifying work, a thesis student studies a large number of articles, books, scientific papers, using them as a source. Performing rewriting, the thesis editor checks the finished work for plagiarism using a special program and brings uniqueness to the required indicators.

The value of language editing

Our company offers services for language editing of thesis: checking the text for plagiarism, typos and grammatical errors, high-quality rewriting (Where needed) while maintaining the author's style and semantic content of the work. Editors with an academic degree and a higher philological education will carry out a thesis review and proofreading following the rules of the language.

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