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A research review paper can be understood as a Literature Review but much more. Instead of being a chapter in the conducted research, the review paper is complete in itself and a stand alone paper which can be published in a reputed journal if developed appropriately. It focuses on the existing knowledge in a specific research area and the developments in the field. It also helps in defining the problem statement and the methodologies which can be used for a better result.

In simple words, a review paper systematically synthesizes and summarizes the available literature studies in a research area which can help the future researchers to gain knowledge and get recommendations for their research works in the specific domain from one paper rather than going through the existing studies themselves.

How Does A Review Paper Writing Help In Academia?

We, at MK Consulting, constantly come across scholars and PhD students who wonder why review paper writing is important? We receive questions including how writing a review paper can help in improving their doctoral research. For all those questions, we have pointed out the distinguished features of a review paper to show its worth.

Clarity of Existing Knowledge

Critically Analysed Literature

Significant Findings Highlighted

Literature Discussion

Identified Research Gaps and Problem Statement

Possible Solutions Provided

Defined Effective Methodology

Recommended Areas For Further Research

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