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PhD Data Collection Service

Data Collection services are based on various aspects; whether the data has to be quantitative, qualitative or mixed. Based on this, the method of data collection is selected among surveys, interviews, and experiments. Field observations are mostly not included in data collection services and if required, then this needs to be done by the scholar or researcher themselves. In this case, our team of MK Consulting can help you with the questionnaire development.

Information Required For Data Collection

Questions Included In Questionnaire

We need to know whether the questions included in the questionnaire have close-ended questions, open-ended questions, or both the types mixed to decide the method of collection.

Research Objectives

Research objectives help in deciding whether the questions are appropriate or not. If not, then they need to be modified before data collection. A data becomes unimportant if it cannot fulfill the research objectives.

Target Audience

Research objectives and data collection always have a specific target audience. Therefore, in order to carry forward the data collection process, we must know the target audience to receive the relevant information.

Suitable Method

Based on the objectives and question types, we decide whether surveys, interviews, or experiments are suitable as the method of collection affects the data majorly.

Benefits Of PhD Data Collection Services

We, at MK Consulting, make sure that the scholar is getting their research purpose fulfilled with the data collected. The data collected can affect the research in following ways:

  • Defines the objectives and research methodology
  • Provides the foundation for results and discussions
  • Helps in identifying the problems and suggest solutions

Therefore, our team collects the data, sorts it out to make it readable, cleans it to select the relevant and completely informed answers, and then makes sure that the data collected is ready to get analysed.

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Other than the data collection services, our team of statisticians and software developers also provide data analysis and interpretation services. For more information, send your query.

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