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CST Implementation Service

CST software comes in variations and provides a software package which is used to analyse the high-performing 3D electromagnetic data and models. It can also help in designing and optimizing the data with the electromagnetic systems and components. Regardless of its designing tools, CST is mostly popular because of the ease in simulations provided by it. However, as efficient as it is, the operating process for it is tedious for the scholars and new researchers. Any error or mistake in this process can lead to a false interpretation.

Features and Benefits Of CST Software

  • Single user interface that contains electromagnetic (EM) field solvers for all the applications that come under the EM spectrum.
  • Comes with Finite Integration Technique to benefit faster processes and has a memory backup as well.
  • Works efficiently on Windows, Linux and other commonly used operating systems.
  • Best for frequency domain related designs and issues.
  • The development cycle is shorter due to the model-order reduction (MOR) feature.
  • Creates virtual prototypes in good numbers that reduces the number of physical prototypes.
  • Detects and identifies issues at an early stage to avoid unnecessary compliance related problems.
  • CST Studio Suite can be downloaded online and is free of cost.

Our Implementation Process

Step 1

Identifying and formulating the problem

Step 2

Data collection and processing

Step 3

Developing a model and validating it

Step 4

Selecting the accurate experimentation design

Step 5

Reviewing the conditions and performing simulation runs

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Step-by-step process

We follow a step by step process to avoid any detail or confusion and make sure the result is well-driven.

Timely Updates

Our experts give you timely updates and also let you know if there’s a newer update for the software.

Training and Guidance

To make sure that you understand the implementation process, our team can also provide the training and guidance for the future use of software (terms & conditions applied).

Software Utilization

Our developers make sure to provide customized implementation services so that the software can be properly utilized.

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