Hadoop Implementation

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Apache Hadoop Implementation

Developed by the Apache software foundation, Hadoop comes with software utilities which can be used to do research and open source development for free. All it needs is a license from the Apache after which the researchers and developers can use it freely. It is mainly used where large amounts of data and multiple computers are required to store the data and solve the computational problems. It has a MapReduce programming model that comes with its software framework to help with the division of the large size of data easily.

Benefits Of Hadoop Software Implementation

In complex designs and innovative research PhD research works, large chunks of data need to be evaluated which can consume more time than expected. In such cases Hadoop software utilities come to the rescue as it provides the following benefits.

  • It can easily handle the data size that ranges in gigabytes or petabytes easily.
  • The speed of data processing becomes quick and consumes less time for the researcher.
  • The Hadoop framework of software utilities ensure large-scale, reliable data computation.
  • Instead of using one computer, it allows networking multiple computers to work together in a cluster.
  • Due to the clustered computers, it can process the data parallely.
  • It is free, and can be used and modified as per the personal and research requirements of the scholar.

Modules Included In The Hadoop Framework

The team of MK Consulting knows how to effectively use the Hadoop framework for your software implementation as the experts have a deep understanding of the modules provided by Apache Hadoop.

Hadoop Common

It does not have the benefit of its own; however, it contains the libraries and utilities which are important for the other four modules.

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

The distributed data in different machines is stored and handled by the help of this module providing an aggregated bandwidth across the different machines/computers included in the cluster.

Hadoop YARN

This is the module that handles the computational resources and tools for the data. It also helps the researchers in scheduling the applications created to carry forward the research.

Hadoop MapReduce

The MapReduce implementation helps in processing large sizes of data easily by dividing it and processing it in parallel.

Hadoop Ozone

It is like a storing tool that comes with the framework. The objects used for the different functions of this framework are stored in this module.

How Can We Help?

At MK Consulting, we suggest only the required processes and implementation ideas that help in modifying and enhancing the research quality for the scholars. The Hadoop framework has been developed with the goal of solving hardware issues that may arise during the course of an large-scale project and can harm the research. In a large scale PhD research thesis, it is often difficult to restart the work in case something goes wrong. Therefore, it is better to do it right at once and take the assistance from experts who know the basics.

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