Unable to complete writing your thesis? Here’s how to survive writer’s block

While writing your PhD thesis, there comes a point when you just stare at the computer screen and not write a single word there or waste time by reading the already written chapters. It is the stage where your brain simply refuses to work further, and hands to write. And being cognizant of the fact that you don’t have an eternity to complete writing it, you just can’t let yourself stay in that blocked zone. 

Overthinking is the reason due to which you can’t concentrate on writing the thesis. When a PhD candidate is overwhelmed with the data he has to write in his thesis, he can’t focus on the essentials to write. You might have too much of research data and information to put down in your thesis but stressing over what to write is not how you deal with it. “I have no idea how to begin with it or complete it- I just can’t do it” might be the only words you are using these days to describe your inability to write but you can’t keep chanting this forever. How would you keep a track of time when the clock is ticking on your head and your brain just refuses to cooperate? 

Tough situation, indeed! But here are a few tips to overcome writer’s block for completing your thesis quickly and wisely: 

Drop down the fear of failure, criticism, or imperfection 
Your thesis is a crucial element of your academic career. It is undeniable that an imperfect thesis could be highly criticized by your PhD thesis coach or rejected if failed to conform to the standard set high in the academic community. Nevertheless, you can’t live in the fear and do nothing about your thesis. Know where you lack and motivate yourself to work on it. You should watch videos, read blogs or talk to someone about the fears that’s holding you to stay focused and do not panicked. Your thesis would need editing and revision later on and that is when you put the perfecting elements to your imperfect thesis. You have to give 100% to your thesis with full determination, but before that, you must overcome the fear of writing it. 

Ban procrastination and just begin
How often do you sit down to continue with the chapters of thesis but ends up putting it for the next day? You have to stop with that! Stop procrastinating your writing process or else it would never pace up with the time limit. Despite the fact that you can’t focus on what to write, at least begin with something; NOW! Start writing by anything you have in your mind related to the topic. Set a time out of your day when you’ll sit and write everyday, no matter what you write just keep going and don’t stop. Also, don’t waste your time thinking about what to write when you sit down; plan it out the night before. Make a brief outline of your plan for the next day and follow it dutifully.

Focus on the big picture
Make sticky notes on ‘why is this research important to you’, ‘how is it going to impact the academic strata’ and look at it everyday to keep you motivated. Anybody can push you further with motivation but it would be fruitless if you don’t set your goal in front of your eyes. So, stick these notes at different places in your house and keep up with the process of writing your thesis. As you sit down to write everyday keep your phone, internet and all the sources of distraction away. Internet is a death for creative thoughts as it hampers the writing flow. But it can be a saviour when you need someone expert in writing and guiding students to ask for PhD thesis help in UK. 

Relax your mind
You have a long way to go and you can’t pause right now. While you sit down to write your thesis, start with a fresh mind. Meditation is a good way to relax your mind and body. Five minutes of closing your eyes would let all the fears go and if meditation is not your way, you can exercise or take a walk outside to get some fresh air. When you write your thesis alternate those forty-five minutes of writing with fifteen minutes of relaxing. Take those fifteen minutes and do anything apart from writing or thinking about writing. Your brain can’t work continuously for so long on the same topic. So, give a break to yourself before you begin with your next hour. 

Everyone works differently. Thus, proceed with your thesis in your own time but don’t stop moving. A pause in your writing would lag you behind to submit your thesis on time. You have to manage time efficiently to complete it and not let this phase block your academic career. You can also opt for professional thesis writing services if you still feel bogged down by the burdensome yet necessary task. 

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